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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Column: FCC Seeks Comment on Wireless Competition

By Neil Ende, Managing Partner at Technology Law Group

The FCC issued a Public Notice this week seeking comment and information on wireless competition.

Specifically, it is asking about: (i) competitive dynamics within the mobile wireless marketplace; (ii) overall industry metrics such as coverage, including by spectrum band, technology, geography, and demographics on upstream (e.g., spectrum) segments as well as on consumer behavior with respect to mobile wireless services, including consumer usage, handsets, mobile applications, and intermodal developments such as mobile-wireline substitution; and (iii) on pricing levels and trends and other non-price factors on which service providers compete, as well as on performance metrics for mobile broadband networks, such as speed and latency, including the methodologies used for assessment.

The FCC is also seeking comment on whether the metrics provided in the Seventeenth Report were sufficient for analyzing competition in the mobile wireless marketplace in a useful and timely manner, or whether any changes should be made for the metrics included in the Eighteenth Report.

I f you would like to discuss how this ruling will affect the telecom channel, please give us a call.  For the latest telecom news and access to valuable original content, please follow Technology Law Group on twitter @TechLawGroup.


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