ConnectWise Adds AI, Hyperautomation Through Robotic Process Automation Updates

ConnectWise, a software company dedicated to the success of technology solutions providers (TSPs), announced a series of significant advancements in its Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and ConnectWise Sidekick. Both technologies leverage workflows, bots and AI within the ConnectWise Asio platform to improve the partner experience and transforming service delivery to SMBs. This, in turn, frees them from repetitive tasks, empowering them to focus on strategic initiatives.

The unveiling occurred at the Automation Nation 2024 event at ConnectWise’s Tampa headquarters.

RPA and Sidekick are integral components of the Asio platform, which is designed to improve automation and efficiency to accelerate MSP business growth. By incorporating RPA options and AI functionality for technicians – and seamlessly integrating them within the Asio Platform – MSPs can optimize efficiency, reduce costs and generate additional revenue. The solutions offer partners the flexibility to choose alternative problem-solving approaches based on the technology strengths.

ConnectWise RPA was initially introduced to boost team productivity and streamline operations by prioritizing daily tasks and addressing critical issues. However, ConnectWise’s commitment to innovation and empowering the IT channel ecosystem has led to more advancements in its RPA technology, including:

  • Streamlined Search Experience: ConnectWise has implemented a well-categorized RPA bot system on the search screen, enabling users to quickly locate and utilize the appropriate bots. This not only accelerates problem-solving but also enhances the overall client experience.
  • Enhanced Onboarding Process: ConnectWise now provides warning messages for empty device configurations and missing parts during Microsoft onboarding. This proactive approach reduces deployment errors and effectively mitigates potential cybersecurity risks, ensuring a smoother onboarding experience.
  • Improved Limitations: ConnectWise has addressed limitations by introducing enhancements such as increased site mapping capabilities. This improvement allows for more comprehensive and accurate data mapping, resulting in improved efficiency and accuracy in RPA operations.
  • Streamlined Device and Client Management: ConnectWise has introduced device and company sorting features in RPA bot input forms. This streamlines the process of managing devices and clients, making it easier for users to navigate and manage their resources effectively.

The company also introduced RPA Pro and RPA Essentials solutions for IT professionals looking to maximize efficiencies tailored to their specific business needs. With these tools, partners gain:

  • Partner-Created Custom Actions: Gives the ability to customize, design, and implement custom actions, providing a dynamic and personalized approach to workflow integration.
  • Easily Integrated Third-Party Actions: Allows partners to integrate actions from external applications that support API access, enhancing interoperability and extending the capabilities of ConnectWise Workflow Orchestrator.

“We are steadfast in our commitment to advancing our Robotic Process Automation technology and AI capabilities, empowering our partners to enhance productivity and provide exceptional service to their clients,” stated Jeff Bishop, EVP and GM, Unified Monitoring and Management, ConnectWise. “By enabling our partners to automate daily tasks and operate more efficiently, MSPs can swiftly address talent gaps while delivering innovative services that drive business growth for their clients.”

ConnectWise is not only dedicated to enhancing its RPA capabilities, but is also prioritizing improving the user experience (UX) for bots. As part of this initiative, bots are now categorized into distinct and well-defined categories, such as User Management and PC Management. Additionally, ConnectWise has implemented visual differentiators, utilizing icons to clearly distinguish between cloud, on-premises, and endpoint bots. These efforts aim to provide users with a seamless and intuitive experience while interacting with bots.

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