CoreDial Opens Up Phoenix Data Center

CoreDial, LLC has launched its data center in Phoenix for its channel partners and customers.

The facility provides an additional Point of Presence (PoP) that facilitates geo-redundancy and failover, and virtualized servers to reduce infrastructure costs and minimize downtime associated with maintaining traditional physical equipment.

The new data center provides partners the flexibility of choosing either the Phoenix or Philadelphia data center, whichever might be the best option for their customers based on location, services and business requirements. Additionally, the Phoenix data center features MPLS connections and is connected to several major carrier lines, including Level 3 and InterNAP, which provide seamless and redundant service across the western half of the U.S., with the scalability to host more carriers in the future as traffic demands increase.

By virtualizing most of the servers in its Phoenix data center, CoreDial has reduced its physical infrastructure by more than 85 percent, significantly cutting costs and drastically reducing downtime, it said. In traditional environments, partners and end users would have to wait hours for physical services to be updated or replaced. Now, that’s down to minutes.

“Ensuring call quality can be difficult, as jitter and high latency are everyday issues that every business faces. CoreDial has completely eliminated these challenges with its new data center,” said Scott Klemm, VP, Operations, Ten4pbx. “Thanks to the virtualization of the servers, we never have to worry about losing a vital physical connection that would make our customers go dark for a prolonged period of time. CoreDial’s commitment to giving partners the tools we need to succeed is helping us secure new business opportunities.”

“Our data center in Phoenix positions us to enable new sales opportunities for not only our entire partner community, but for CoreDial as well,” added Don Nawrocki, CTO, CoreDial. “Now, CoreDial can support growth for its partners across the country, allowing them to breach any market they choose. Partner enablement is at the core of everything we do, and we are providing a foundation of long lasting success for our entire partner community.”

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