NTT Com Touts Two Big Customer Wins

NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com) is reporting that its managed services and infrastructure outsourcing offerings are gaining significant traction, with recent wins obtained in collaboration with NTT Com partners including a data center upgrade and expansion and a global end-to-end managed infrastructure deal.

NTT Com launched its Global Solutions Channel Partner Program in the States two and a half years ago, offering sales partners access to networking services and more than 140 data centers worldwide, including enterprise cloud services with software-defined networking (SDN), and the Enterprise Cloud  platform for both traditional and cloud-native ICT. It also offers network connectivity, colocation services and third-party cloud.

Two deals highlight the portfolio: The first is an upgrade and expansion of a third-party data center; the second is a global managed infrastructure solution for a biotech company.

Unique Partnership Transforms Regional Data Centers

Tennessee Data Systems (TDS), a regional provider of enterprise data storage services faced a customer base looking for new and more cost-effective ways to manage exploding data storage requirements, but was limited in how effectively it could meet this demand. In partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Integris Solutions Group, NTT Com designed a hybrid, software-defined cloud storage solution that expanded capacity, increased capabilities and boosted reliability and uptime. The solution involved deploying a common hardware and software stack from HPE at three existing customer sites and two additional NTT Com data centers. With Integris serving as the VAR for HPE, NTT Com structured the entire package of technology, infrastructure and managed services as a 48-month lease.

Changed Conversation Led to Desired Outcomes for Biotech Spinoff

A highly promising biotech spinoff, starting anew with no ICT infrastructure, was considering a capital expenditure (CapEx)-intensive purchase when NTT Com’s indirect channel sales team met with this virtual startup and quickly changed the buying conversation from hardware investment to managed services and outsourced infrastructure. Given uncertainties over the timing or pace of future growth, the biotech quickly agreed that an elastic infrastructure-on-demand approach was better calibrated for their situation. A knowledge-based services engagement shed further light on the customer’s particular and measurable requirements. Technologies in play include SD-WAN, UCaaS, NFV, MPLS, colocation, security and more. A common, open reference architecture furthermore positions the company for dealings with new stakeholders, including acquisitions.

“These two cases illustrate that status-quo solutions go only so far,” said Jordan Whyard, director, Indirect Channel Sales, for NTT America. “It takes creative problem solving and the right tools to build sustainable capabilities in companies that are poised to grow and create value. NTT Com is unmatched in the kinds of flexible and global solutions that can support enterprises at any stage of their growth or digital transformation journey.”

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