NTT Logs Channel Milestones

NTT Communications has announced the two-year success of its Global Solutions Channel Partner Program.

The Global Solutions Channel Partner Program, an indirect sales program tailored to the US market, offers opportunities for international expansion using global assets including 140 secure and interconnected data centers, a private network in 196 countries, and 14 data centers that double as cloud computing delivery centers.

By March 2016, the Global Solutions Channel Partner Program met and exceeded the goal of onboarding 15 master agents to its roster of channel partners, and already had generated contracts with large, global enterprise clients seeking innovative and cost-effective ICT solutions, driving revenue for master agents across multiple verticals, including utilities, government, electronics, manufacturing, technology and healthcare, among others.

Upon meeting its goals for master agents, NTT Com then shifted its channel strategy to focus on the sub-agent community, onboarding more than 100 new sub-agents, since the beginning of NTT Com’s fiscal year in April 2016. It also said that it is on target for sales goals, closing multiple, mid-range $1 million total value contract deals.

One notable success has been NTT Com’s collaboration with Fluent Edgeworks, a San Francisco based IT firm specializing in the design, sourcing and program management of cloud infrastructure solutions. NTT Com and Fluent have collaborated on multiple projects, including one involving a global consumer technology company seeking to deploy a unified but scalable global network with a centralized control point.

The catalyst for this project was the global consumer technology company’s interest in migrating to a unified communications as a service (UCaaS) platform. Upon realizing that its collection of internet circuits would not support that initiative, the company turned to the co-sourcing specialist, Fluent, and the global assets available through Fluent’s partnership with NTT Com.

“We work with a wide range of IT service providers,” said Andrew Whitaker, managing director and chief solution architect at Fluent. “The reason we wanted to team up with NTT Com was not only its global reach and infrastructure, but also for the company’s experience in other areas, like cloud-based security and IT management, which are key parts of deploying complex global projects.” In this case, Fluent and NTT Com’s joint customer also required an infrastructure-on-demand solution, which leveraged NTT Com’s expertise in delivering enterprise cloud and consumption-based services, and Fluent’s own cloud infrastructure specialty.

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