CoreDial Partners With Oracle

CoreDial has selected Oracle Communications to help the company deliver high-quality, reliable services.

Today, more than 800 channel partners rely on CoreDial to deliver services to 26,000 businesses in the United States.

Leveraging Oracle Communications Session Border Controller (SBC), Subscriber-Aware Load Balancer and Operations Monitor, CoreDial will be able to improve real-time communications services across IP network borders and provide interoperability between multiple private branch exchanges as they migrate across platforms.

CoreDial selected Oracle SBC to leverage the offering’s inherent abilities to protect and defend CoreDial’s network and services against a wide breadth of security threats.

Augmenting Oracle SBC with Oracle’s Subscriber-Aware Load Balancer, CoreDial gains linear, non-disruptive scaling of up to 10 million subscribers from a single address. The solution creates a truly geo-redundant VoIP network as well. For example, in the case of a catastrophic event, CoreDial’s Philadelphia or Phoenix data centers can assume responsibilities for the network.

In addition, Oracle Communications Operations Monitor has helped CoreDial to increase visibility into their network traffic (including non-Oracle SIP devices) and to accelerate troubleshooting. Oracle’s unique, end-to-end session correlation and real-time analysis capabilities enable the CoreDial IT team to rapidly detect, isolate, and resolve problems anywhere in multivendor VoIP and UC networks.