CtrlS Firms Up Global Expansion

CtrlS Datacenters Ltd, an Asian-based data center provider, is expanding its presence beyond India, as it plans to enter potential markets in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

The company is exploring opportunities in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam to help its major technology customers scale with ease and create synergies and efficiencies. Through its group company, Cloud4C, the company has a presence in several of these markets, delivering agility, while leveraging local focus and letting it respond faster to local consumer needs and dynamic market demands.

CtrlS Chair Sridhar Pinnapureddy (pictured) said, “We will make sure that we enter right markets at the right time. With data explosion, data centers are at the center of the digital transformation. We are thoughtfully making our moves. We will foray into these markets in a phased manner and may enter into strategic ties with local partners wherever relevant.”

He emphasized, “We aim to become the world’s largest Rated-4 datacenter company. While becoming so, we want to create world-class data center assets both in India and overseas. Our global data centers will have a capacity in the range of 10 MW-50 MW.”

CtrlS President & Chief Business Officer Royce Thomas added, “CtrlS is carefully evaluating potential global markets for foray. Southeast Asia and Middle East have emerged as our priority markets as digitalization is at its peak here. Several enterprises in these markets have drawn up their digital transformation roadmap, and CtrlS will enable them in their path.”

Research shows the global data center market will grow more than five percent compounded annually between 2021 and 2030 taking the market size from $220 billion to more than $340 billion, driven by the exponential increase in data and initiatives taken by governments to promote digital economy, connectivity and infrastructure.

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