Datadobi Finds Way to AWS Marketplace

Datadobi, a global leader in unstructured data management, announced its StorageMAP Assess solution and  StorageMAP Unstructured Data Management software is available in AWS Marketplace, a digital catalog with thousands of software listings from  software vendors that make it easy to find, test, buy and deploy software that runs on Amazon Web Services.

StorageMAP is a software solution that empowers organizations to manage unstructured data across on-premises and cloud environments. It provides metadata analytics and search capabilities that allow users to discover and organize their data, as well as take actions to ensure data is in the right place at the right time, mitigating cost and risk while maximizing the value of their data.

Datadobi will offer two versions of its StorageMAP in AWS Marketplace: StorageMAP Assess, which provides insight and analysis of unstructured data environments, and StorageMAP Unstructured Data Management, which allows users to act on that data.

The availability of Datadobi StorageMAP Assess solution and Datadobi StorageMAP Unstructured Data Management software in AWS Marketplace is great news for Datadobi’s channel partners.

By being available in AWS Marketplace, Datadobi’s channel partners can offer their customers a comprehensive solution for assessing and managing unstructured data with ease. This is particularly advantageous because customers can search, purchase and deploy secure software solutions from Datadobi in AWS Marketplace with just a few clicks.

With this availability, Datadobi’s channel partners can expand their reach and customer base while providing their existing customers with a more seamless and efficient experience.

Furthermore, AWS Marketplace billing and account management make it easy for Datadobi partners to handle their customers’ subscriptions, while receiving the appropriate margin for the sale.

Ultimately, the addition of Datadobi StorageMAP Assess solution and Datadobi StorageMAP Unstructured Data Management software to AWS Marketplace strengthens Datadobi’s channel partner ecosystem by providing more opportunities to sell and provide additional value to their customers.

Find StorageMAP Assess in AWS Marketplace here: and StorageMAP Unstructured Data Management here:

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