Datadobi’s StorageMAP Update Enables IT Leaders to Reduce Liability, Risk

Datadobi, a leader in vendor-neutral unstructured data management, announced enhancements to its multi-vendor, multi-cloud data management platform StorageMAP with the introduction of capabilities to discover and remediate orphaned data.

Orphaned data zre owned by employees of a company that is inactive but still enabled on an organization’s network or systems. These datasets, which can amount to a significant part of a company’s total data stored, represent risk and cost to every organization.

Any enterprise with a large employee base, normal to high attrition rates, or undertaking merger and acquisition (M&A) activities will be vulnerable to orphaned data.

Orphaned data is mostly not valuable to the organization and creates liability because of its unknown content. Eliminating orphaned data enables IT leaders to reduce cost, lower carbon footprint and lower risk while maximizing value out of relevant unstructured data used by active users.

With the new capabilities, StorageMAP can identify data sets with high amounts of orphaned data, allowing IT leaders to group and organize the data independently of the business organization. The orphaned datasets can be migrated, archived to a lower-cost platform, or deleted by StorageMAP. The platform provides an easy-to-read, granular report on the top users with orphaned data and for additional detail, a search function allows targeted searches to be executed across part of or the entire data estate.

The 6.2 release comes after Datadobi launched its StorageMAP platform earlier this year. StorageMAP provides a single pane of glass for organizations to manage unstructured data across their complete data storage estate on-premises and in the cloud. This latest update enables IT leaders to fully take control of orphaned data on their networks.

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