DC BLOX Announces 2nd Subsea Cable in Horry County

DC BLOX Inc. has contracted for a second subsea optical communications cable to land at its Subsea Cable Landing Station (CLS) in the International Technology and Aerospace Park (iTAP) in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

DC BLOX is completing construction of the Cable Landing Station with a planned opening in June. This specialized facility will provide power to the subsea cables to regenerate the optical signal, host local network equipment associated with the cables, provide colocation space for cable partners and local businesses, and serve as a regional exchange point for communications providers.

Edge Cable Holdings USA LLC will land a state-of-the-art trans-Atlantic subsea telecommunications cable, the Anjana cable, at the Cable Landing Station.

The Cable Landing Station will house the power and telecommunications equipment necessary for the operation of the subsea cable system, as well as the telecommunications equipment needed to link the subsea cable to the wider North American telecommunications network.

The 7,121km cable will connect Myrtle Beach to Santander in Spain and is capable of carrying 480 terabits per second of data communications traffic. The cable is expected to be operational in 2024.

For more information, visit www.dcblox.com