DCConnect Selects Cumulus Networks to Power Its NG-SDN Solution

DCConnect has announced that Cumulus Networks will power its next-generation software defined network (NG-SDN).

Silicon Valley-based Cumulus Networks provides an open source, Linux-based operating system, Cumulus Linux, for DCConnect’s NG-SDN, which has been made available to customers and carriers throughout Asia.

Leveraging the Cumulus Linux OS and Cumulus NetQ for telemetry-based network visibility, DCConnect has evolved the simple concept of SDN as a network automation tool into a predictive, automated network with meaningful analytic tools.

DCConnect focuses on assisting customers and carriers to develop NG-SDN technology in emerging countries, especially in Asia. DCConnect has developed an innovative and comprehensive service portal to provide users with a scalable, agile and flexible solution, allowing users to provision and reconfigure the port locations, bandwidth, route path and cloud connectivity via a virtual portal in a matter of minutes.

DCConnect’s NG-SDN solution focuses on software-to-software control, which is entirely different from the software-to-hardware approach currently employed by most vendors. This merges networking and computing, enabling DCConnect, with the support of Cumulus, to transform networking into a process that is similar to computing. This is accomplished by using the same toolsets that developers are already familiar with, such as making a snapshot of the entire network configuration in a second or virtualizing an entire network in one virtual host to test configuration changes before pushing them on to live production hardware.

The NG-SDN also supports service instances, so service provisioning can be achieved instantly or on a scheduled basis without the constraints to maintain long term contracts and deployments of network capabilities and availability of resources. Proactive monitoring on all end-to-end services is empowered by powerful graphical presentations and other analytical and reporting tools. With the ability to monitor and archive all historical service data, DCConnect’s NG-SDN is able to perform diagnosis and provide recommended actions to users before the user may even be aware that a change must be made.