Dell Technologies Transforms the Edge with Project Frontier Software Platform

Dell Technologies introduces Project Frontier, which delivers an edge operations software platform, integrated with Dell’s edge portfolio, for customers to manage and orchestrate edge applications and infrastructure for deployments more securely at a global scale.

The complexities of edge operations — in locations from manufacturing floors and retail stores to remote wind turbines — are growing as more organizations want to manage and secure data at the source but have limited IT support to do it. According to a 2022 IDC survey, 42 percent of businesses say the most challenging aspect of edge deployments is putting together an entire edge solution. With the amount of data generated growing nine times annually and expected to reach 221 exabytes by 2026, organizations need a simple and effective way to manage and secure the diverse ecosystem of edge technologies.

“We’re seeing exponential growth in applications running at the edge, making edge the next frontier of business transformation — where devices, infrastructure and data come together to deliver real-time insights at scale,” said Gil Shneorson, senior vice president of edge solutions, Dell Technologies. “With this growth, comes complexity. It’s not feasible to have IT staff deployed at every edge location. Our decades of edge experience combined with our new solutions help customers simplify their edge and streamline their data to gain insights ranging from factory safety and the speed and precision of patient care in hospitals, while providing more choice in how they realize their edge and multicloud technologies.”

With the Project Frontier edge operations software platform, customers can expect:

  • Their choice of software applications, IoT frameworks, operational technologies (OT), multi-cloud environments and future technologies supported by an open design that will consolidate existing and new enterprise edge use cases.
  • Zero trust-enabled security protection across edge applications, data and infrastructure, from design to deployment, backed by end-to-end supply chain security measures.
  • Greater efficiency and reliability of end-to-end edge operations with centralized management, zero-touch deployment and secure device onboarding.
  • Minimal need for IT expertise in the field with automation to streamline edge deployments and operations across potentially thousands of edge locations.
  • Integration of edge compute and storage hardware with workloads for ease of serviceability and increased security.
  • Global planning and support services across 170 countries to help design edge deployments and create a roadmap for scaling customers’ edge infrastructure to meet new demand.

As an example, Dell Technologies is a leading technology manufacturer and manages one of the largest global supply chains. Dell plans to deploy the edge platform to deliver increased production line efficiencies by simplifying operations, securely connecting critical data from the production floor to IT infrastructure and enabling real-time reporting of automation data.

Additionally, with the Dell Edge Design Program, Dell is collaborating with customers to help design and shape the development of Project Frontier to meet their specific needs.

As Project Frontier comes to life, Dell is expanding its edge portfolio to help businesses scale and manage their edge deployments.

Project Frontier’s edge software platform will be available in 2023.