EdgeConneX, CoverageCo Deploy Vermont Small-Cell Network

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) company EdgeConneX will provide deployment and maintenance for a small-cell network for CoverageCo, a provider of carrier and technology-neutral cellular coverage services to underserved markets. Funded in part by the Vermont Telecommunications Authority (VTA) through an award to the operator, the network will extend wireless coverage throughout the state of Vermont.

One of the gating factors in widely deploying small-cell networks—which overlay macro wireless coverage to bolster mobile broadband capacity in 3G and 4G networks—is the complexity in identifying sites and working with municipalities to obtain proper permits for installation. The outdoor small-cell solution in this case does not require new tower infrastructure and can be deployed without any disruption to a community’s day-to-day operations, EdgeConneX said, so the process should retain a low total cost of ownership (TCO).

“EdgeConneX has proved to be invaluable, partnering with us to identify and construct the right locations to deploy and maintain our small cell network onto existing utility poles that line the roadways,” adds Richard P. Biby, CEO of CoverageCo.  “Though very few successful deployments of small cell networks have been deployed, we knew that this solution would be the most effective way to extend network coverage in such rough terrain. EdgeConneX’s experience in navigating the process has truly enabled us to extend the communications infrastructure for residents, businesses and visitors throughout the state of Vermont, increasing business and financial opportunities as well as public safety.”

EdgeConneX’s small-cell network solutions target carriers, municipalities, corporate campus environments, building owner-operators and others as a way to address capacity constraints and expand coverage capabilities while overcoming certain physical challenges faced by today’s wireless networks.

EdgeConneX also said that the Vermont project has led to its winning another significant build in Northern Virginia for a national Tier 1 wireless carrier focusing on data capacity and in-building challenges.

“This project is a non-intrusive yet highly reliable solution that expands wireless reach, particularly to areas that receive weak or no mobile communications throughout key corridors in Vermont,” said Doug Wiest, executive vice president of EdgeConneX.  “Our experience in designing, constructing and managing small-cell network solutions has paved the way for efficient, rapid and cost-effective deployments of other regional projects throughout the U.S.”

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