Edgewater Networks Announces Trade Up to SD-WAN Program

Edgewater Networks has announced a program allowing partners to efficiently upgrade older EdgeMarc Intelligent Edges to the company’s new, SD-WAN capable devices. With Trade Up to SD-WAN, Edgewater Networks partners can continue to provide security and service assurance to site locations while also expanding functionality to include SD-WAN traffic shaping and optimization capabilities.

Trade Up to SD-WAN leverages Edgewater Networks’ award winning Cloud2Edge Complete service to provide partners with:

  • High margin SD-WAN revenue;
  • Trade-in discounts on SD-WAN capable EdgeMarc Intelligent Edges;
  • Zero Touch Provisioning for easy, fast installation; and
  • Instant access to the EdgeView Service Control Center for the management and control of UC and SD-WAN Services.
“Trade Up to SD-WAN is the right program at the right time,” said Mike Evanisko, Chief Technology Officer at 888VoIP and CloudCo,  New York-based hardware and cloud services distributors and Cloud2Edge Universal Partners. “Interest in SD-WAN among our customers is extremely high. Trade Up to SD-WAN enables us to quickly upgrade an existing, loyal Edgewater Networks’ customer and deliver SD-WAN services to them.”

Edgewater Networks’ SD-WAN product is built for the small and medium business (SMB) market delivering application level prioritization, survivability and the company’s patented Stateful SIP Transfer functionality. SD-WAN is controlled and managed through the EdgeView Service Control Center, the industry’s leading UC analytics solution.

“With Trade Up to SD-WAN, we can quickly turn up a highly differentiated SD-WAN service at our existing ManagEdge Service customers,” said Chris Ready, VP Professional Services at Everest Communications Group, a New York City-based provider of IP voice services and Cloud2Edge Universal Partner. “Our customers get a top-notch SD-WAN Service and Everest adds a new revenue stream – it’s a win-win.”

“With over 635,000 Intelligent Edges deployed by our partners, Trade Up to SD-WAN gives our partners a tremendous monetization opportunity,” said Russ Johnson, SVP of Worldwide Sales for Edgewater Networks. “The combination of Cloud2Edge Complete and SD-WAN provides the industry with a one-of-a-kind, unified solution.”

Partners can upgrade any legacy EdgeMarc Intelligent Edge to any SD-WAN capable Intelligent Edge including the EdgeMarc 2900 series, the EdgeMarc 4806 and 4808 Multi-Service Gateways and the EdgeMarc 7000 series of Edges.