USPTO Grants Patent for Granite’s AI-Powered edgeboot

Granite Telecommunications, a $1.85 billion communications and technology solutions provider, announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued it a patent for the edgeboot managed power distribution unit (PDU) for reshaping network management.

edgeboot combines AI and dual ethernet/LTE technology to monitor network device connectivity, swiftly detecting issues and autonomously executing actions such as automatic rebooting, thus eliminating the need for human intervention. Featuring both wireless connectivity and the ability to utilize a wireline connection, edgeboot promotes high availability and out-of-band access to critical network resources, even during network disruptions.

“edgeboot represents yet another innovative solution born from our commitment to listening to our customers and proactively addressing their needs,” said Rob Hale, Granite’s president and CEO. “By empowering customers to operate equipment and network connections more effectively and efficiently, edgeboot resolves issues before they even arise. This patent reflects Granite’s commitment to excellence, driven by our team of innovators who work tirelessly to elevate customer outcomes.”

“As we look to the future, edgeboot is just the beginning,” added Granite VP of technology, Adam Weiner. “Our vision extends to continuously advancing the intersection of AI and network management, providing our customers with forward-thinking solutions to modern network challenges.”

The patent – entitled “Method and Apparatus for Controlling Electronic Devices,” is the first issued to Granite by the USPTO for edgeboot. The technology was developed by Granite Labs, the company’s innovation center where it develops new solutions to meet the evolving demands of businesses, today and beyond.

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