eGroup and SIPPIO Offer Turnkey Voice-as-a-Service for Microsoft Teams

eGroup has announced a partnership with SIPPIO, a market leader in voice enablement for Microsoft Teams.

SIPPIO Voice in Teams is built in Azure, which ensures it is reliable, scalable, compliant, and redundant. Voice in Teams is a global, Microsoft co-sell ready cloud solution offered by channel partners to quickly activate voice calling functionality supported by the In Teams voice app for user provisioning, call routing, and support.

eGroup will provide white-glove service to help organizations quickly and efficiently enable a modern workplace. Customers will benefit from fast activation, 24×7 support, and zero maintenance costs from their trusted voice advisor, enhancing the user experience. Dedicated numbers can be assigned to each person across an enterprise. In addition, companies can access voicemail, auto-attendants, call-queues, call attendants, contact center, or hundreds of other features and options.

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Important to note is that for businesses with existing long-term contract local telecom services contracts, Microsoft has designed a large amount of flexibility to enable all or partial call control in Office365.