Evoque Data Center Solutions Strengthening Relationships with Channel

Evoque Data Center Solutions, a global provider of connectivity, cloud and data center services, announced a program to provide enhanced incentives to Channel Partners to identify and deliver a full range of solutions to their clients.

Evoque will commit to pay channel partners a bonus incentive of two times the monthly recurring charge (MRC) for new customers who sign a data center contract with Evoque, through the end of March 2022.

The contract term length must be a minimum of three years, with a maximum bonus payout of $50,000. For instance, if a channel partner delivers a new client with an MRC of $10,000, Evoque will pay that partner an additional bonus of $20,000, in addition to its regular monthly commission payment. In addition, Evoque will pay its partners an added incentive of one time the MRC for new customers who sign a contract of between 24 and 35 months.

The program is designed to reinforce Evoque’s commitment to the channel as a primary source of building its client roster.

Since joining the company earlier this year, Monica Walton, Evoque’s VP/Channel, has revamped the company’s program, focusing on high-producing partners and delivering improved benefits to them.

“Our new SPIF program confirms we intend to cooperatively work with the industry’s best partners, delivering an elite program which offers our partners the kind of advantages that will make them more likely to refer their clients to Evoque,” Walton said.

She cited Evoque’s recent introduction of its trademarked multi-generation infrastructure (MGI) strategy, enabling companies to implement a more flexible, application-first approach to their data as they move workloads between cloud and colocation environments, as a key market differentiator

“When people understand the advantages that MGI offers, they want to know more,” Walton said. “By offering contract flexibility between data center and cloud commitments, we provide our customers with desirable, industry-leading contractual flexibility in an ever-changing market. This is the kind of program that is enhancing Evoque’s market presence and makes working with the industry’s best partners mutually more valuable.”

Channel partners interested in learning more about Evoque’s program can visit https://www.evoquedcs.com/.