Fonative Provides Justice Systems with Compliant Texting for Court Management Software

Missed appointments and docket juggling can often lead to no-shows in the courtroom by plaintiffs, defendants, and attorneys. These all lead to delays and additional costs for an already expensive and time-consuming judicial process.

To remedy that, Fonative has launched a compliant texting API for courtroom use.

This functionality offers an added level of convenience to court systems, clerks, attorneys, stenographers, staff, and the public through the addition of automated reminders and confirmations of appointments and payments. The new Fonative API offering supports proper, regulatory compliant opt-in and opt-out, so consumers can control how they are contacted. Based upon Fonative’s RegReady CPaaS API, the texting functionality meets the most stringent data security and PCI standards, assuring the transmitted information’s safety and integrity, based upon the scheduling details found within the court docket.

Justice Systems, a leading provider of case management and electronic payments software to state and municipal court systems, has integrated Fonative’s CPaaS API with its market-leading FullCourt Enterprise software, making it available to court systems across the country to speed up case management and revenue recovery. According to the company, multiple court systems in the U.S. have already deployed the new service and are seeing a reduction in courtroom no-shows and the need to reschedule cases.

As security and compliance are critically crucial to Justice Systems, the text message content only transits through the Fonative CPaaS platform, and is not retained, stored, or mined. With this approach, courtroom-related data is truly owned and managed by the courts.

To help reduce customer costs, Fonative CPaaS incorporates toll-free SMS. With 800 number SMS, Justice Systems was able to design a fully CTIA-compliant text messaging approach for B2C communication and provide each court with its own phone number and identity.