ALTR Rolls Out Stackable Margins Channel Program for SIs, OEMs and Resellers

ALTR has launched a new partner program for systems integrators and OEMs, as well as small consulting firms and developers that co-sell, refer-sell or implement ALTR data security-as-a-service (DSaaS).

The ALTR Stackable Margins program opts for a non-traditional approach to the channel by comping resales and referrals that lead to positive outcomes at decisive stages of the sales journey. In addition to deal registration — where all-or-nothing sales margins often see parties waging war over deal credit — partners are rewarded for many types of net-new opportunity identification and referrals. This includes compensation for completion of a successful POC and incentives for solutions that are optimized with complementary ALTR DSaaS features.

The Stackable Margins program recognizes the hard work that partners put into identifying and supporting potential ALTR DSaaS customers. For instance, developers work with customers to accelerate modernization of legacy applications and systems, or in shifting data to the cloud. Consultants provide incident response services and advice to organizations looking to improve their application security. However, it is often difficult or impossible to book revenue after months of hand holding and time investment with some dedicated partners even finding they’re unable to maintain their independence because channel programs typically do not fairly reflect the complexity and conflicts of indirect sales. This is particularly true for cybersecurity and cloud-based products and solutions.

For systems integrators, ALTR’s approach is built on the premise that each partner has a unique relationship with a potential customer. There are two tiers to the program for these firms.

  • Level 1 systems integrators—Entry-level resellers receive sales enablement resources and access to the ALTR sales team to assist with driving new customers. All that is needed is an MNDA and a referral agreement or resale agreement. There are no technical enablement requirements for Level 1, and ALTR will conduct all POC activities.
  • Level 2 Systems integrators—SIs that meet the enablement requirements for Level 1 can increase their commitment and accrue more benefits with Level 2 status. These evangelist-level participants are given advanced product roadmaps, training with accreditation and certification, business planning resources, and growth targets via a designated ALTR channel manager.

ALTR also develops custom integrations with complementary security technologies. Top performers can join the Technology Alliance Activation Program and receive activation kits that include co-branded marketing materials, videos and sales decks, as well as a listing on the ALTR website, and detailed white papers that cover topics such as integrations.

In addition, ALTR works closely with OEM partners to develop bespoke agreements and optimize business solutions that leverage complementary ALTR DSaaS features. As their understanding of the platform grows, their ability to achieve higher-level outcomes using ALTR technology within a customer’s environment is rewarded with additional revenue.

Stackable Margins are points of margin to compensate the partner who closes the transaction, as well as others that played a role in the successful opportunity. For example, depending on the complexity of a given customer’s IT environment, there could be two or more partners involved.

Each partner’s share of transaction revenue is calculated by adding up the earned margins across different program activities, with percentages based on the agreed-upon customer purchase price. If a partner does not complete the transaction, their participation margin will be calculated on the net revenue that ALTR receives. Simplified onboarding provides additional ways to earn compensation by successfully conducting POCs.