Fonative’s Secure Agent Communicator Sees Rapid Adoption

Fonative has seen increased adoption and usage of its cloud-based Secure Agent Communicator, as more call center employees continue to work from home.

Introduced in April 2019, the web browser-based service is a WebRTC-powered application enabling contact center workers to use web browsers to connect and work remotely as efficiently as if they were on-premise.

Fonative delivers service providers a standards-based approach that integrates telephony functionality and features within their browser or mobile application that is fully compliant with HIPAA regulations and PCI requirements. The integration allows agents to continue to have conversations that meet strict regulatory guidelines when discussing personal health information or taking payments without violating privacy regulations.

To use the Secure Agent Communicator, contact center workers use their desktop or laptop and web browser-based application to join calls that appear on their screen. This mimics the agent’s experience connecting to the call center using a desk phone by using a headset linked to the PC versus the landline device, providing an always-on connection.