FrontSpin Taps Voxbone for International Calling

FrontSpin is supercharging sales efforts around the world with international telephony support from Voxbone.

FrontSpin’s sales acceleration platform is designed to enable sales reps to have more meaningful conversations in less time. It streamlines communications across voice, email and social channels–and the company says that it typically allows sales reps to double the number of interactions they have with their prospects and customers. Features include a built-in power dialer, sales email, automated data logging and CRM integration.

To reach new markets including those in Europe and Asia, FrontSpin sought out a communications partner that could offer an instant and easy way to provision numbers on a global scale and settled on Voxbone.

“FrontSpin is leading the evolution of sales communications, and so we needed to choose the most flexible and reliable service possible for our built-in telephony,” said FrontSpin CEO Mansour Salame. “Voxbone was a clear choice among leading API comms providers and will support us in our mission to enable customers around the world to exceed their sales goals multiple times over.”

“FrontSpin is taking sales calls and putting them into high gear,” added Voxbone CEO Itay Rosenfeld. “It’s an exciting opportunity to be apart of, and Voxbone is thrilled to be the number one choice for an API comms provider. Voxbone is the perfect match for FrontSpin to help its users to scale their businesses faster and in every corner of the world.”