Germany’s Top Internet Exchange Launches U.S. Colo Biz

German Internet exchange provider DE-CIX has launched its U.S. operations. DE-CIX North America will establish Internet exchanges in major U.S. metro regions, with New York City as the first market to receive a distributed, carrier- and data center-neutral Internet exchange.

Different than the prevailing U.S. Internet traffic exchange model, DE-CIX will deploy a large-scale Ethernet switching fabric, combined with an all-fiber metro optical backbone that supports traffic volumes of up to numerous Terabits per second across multiple data centers in the selected metropolitan areas. This runs counter to existing U.S. colocation and exchange models, in which data centers primarily serve their own on-campus tenants or connect customers with passive Private Interconnects (PI).

“NYC is home to a huge concentration of ISPs, including broadband providers, content companies and a thriving and growing tech community,” said Harald A. Summa, CEO for DE-CIX. “Establishing and developing the new exchange will go far in elevating New York’s reputation as one of the world’s great technology hubs, in addition to its other first-rate attributes. DE-CIX’s new exchange in New York will be operational soon, while we are also planning for deployments in Silicon Valley and Los Angeles. DE-CIX will help these selected cities to grow their role as Internet hubs and finally achieve the major role they deserve in the global Internet ecosystem.”

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