Giant Rocketship Launches Help Desk Automation App

Giant Rocketship has introduced its Rocketship for Autotask, a help desk automation application built to solve internal pain points.

With Rocketship for Autotask, MSPs free their help desk managers from the costly micro-management of ticket assignment, work scheduling, appointment setting and escalation routing. Help desk managers now can focus on team building and customer relationships, instead of workload reports, calendars and flowcharts.

Rocketship for Autotask was created as a solution to the pain points its founder and CEO Dustin Puryear encountered.

“The more we grew, the more people we needed to micro-manage the flow of tickets, work and service calls for our engineers. There was a point where I asked myself, ‘Isn’t this what software is better at? Why don’t we automate this so our helpdesk manager can focus on the team instead of workload reports?'”

A survey from productivity management software company Asana reveals that on average, employees spend more than half their day on work coordination, not doing the actual work. MSP firms are losing employee output because they are forced to micro-manage each detail of the ticket lifecycle.

Giant Rocketship is on a mission to transform MSP help desks by automating ticket lifecycle management. Rocketship for Autotask allows MSPs to do more with fewer people.

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