Global Capacity Inks Deal with Cable Cooperative

Global Capacity has signed a deal with the National Cable Television Cooperative, Inc. (NCTC), a cooperative of 950 independent cable operators, to expand network service coverage throughout North America via One Marketplace pricing and procurement of network connectivity.

NCTC is a not-for-profit corporation that provides member cable companies access to programming networks and  technology organizations and products.  One Marketplace enables a unique API that integrates into NCTC’s Bandwidth Broker Desk Program, which was launched to enable the cooperative to secure better broadband access and connectivity, and overcome expanding geographic demands, regulatory restrictions and new service requirements.

The One Marketplace platform provides NCTC with ubiquitous network solutions by way of competitive quotes in a matter of seconds, while simultaneously providing transparency into pricing and visibility into available capacity across multiple networks and geographies.

“Network reach and automated pricing coupled with highly competitive rates make Global Capacity’s One Marketplace an invaluable competitive advantage for our members,” said Corey McCarthy, NCTC CFO and senior vice president of business development. “We are glad to have them as part of the Bandwidth Broker Desk Program we offer our members.”

Global Capacity’s One Marketplace uses an interconnected, aggregated network with a cloud application that automates the procurement of network services, offering a single interface through which to design, price and fulfill multi-network, multi-geography requirements, as well as a single SLA, contract and point of contact.

“Demand for expanded geographic coverage and over-the-top business applications is creating a need for greater service provider partnering,” said Ben Edmond, chief revenue officer for Global Capacity. “Our partnership with NCTC opens up new business and revenue opportunities for rural cable and video operators across the U.S.”

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