Granite Acquires Industry Leader EPIK

Granite Telecommunications has announced the acquisition of leading POTS replacement device manufacturer OBSM, LLC, d/b/a EPIK.

The acquisition enables seamless solutions for entities seeking simplicity, consistency, reliability and savings for alarms, elevators, point-of-sale, voice and other business-critical specialty lines that rely on legacy TDM landlines.

As incumbent carriers continue to reduce support for TDM networks, demand has grown for a reliable, low-cost alternative suitable for critical specialty lines. Until recently, IP replacement products fell short of satisfying performance metrics, including dependable, secure technology to transmit emergency signals over wireless or alternative wireline networks, the expertise to install it across diverse applications and a national footprint, and the ability to manage the entire solution. Granite can now comprehensively address those needs.

EPIK was one of the first to launch a wireless POTS solution and has since become a recognized technology leader in this space.

With the acquisition EPIK, the Granite array of POTS alternative solutions offers:

  • Nearly seamless substitution of existing voice lines for alarm, elevator, fax, point of sale, voice circuits and more.
  • Reliable analog access with broadband redundancy, dual SIMs and 24-hour battery backup capabilities
  • Single point-of-contact and customized billing
  • An efficient design and installation process throughout the United States for multilocation deployments
  • Real-time monitoring to ensure continued performance, management and support
  • Predictable monthly charges with measurable cost savings for extended terms
  • Continued support across multiple carrier and service partners.