Kentik, New Relic Expand Partnership

Kentik, a network observability company, has expanded its partnership with New Relic, the observability company. The initiative deepens New Relic’s full-stack observability into the network layer, giving IT operations, SREs and development teams shared context to resolve issues quickly.

“When software fails, it happens in unexpected ways and at the worst time. Development teams can be quick to suspect a network failure, but they usually don’t have the tools or context to diagnose if the network really is the problem,” said Buddy Brewer, group vice president of Strategic Partnerships for New Relic. “With Kentik, we’re closing the visibility gap by bringing network context directly into the New Relic One platform, giving teams a fast and easy way to determine whether the network is the root cause of an issue.”

In December, Kentik and New Relic formed an initial partnership to provide joint-customers with a way to combine DevOps and NetOps observability using the Kentik Firehose, a service to export enriched traffic data from the Kentik Network Observability Cloud. With the partnership expansion, New Relic users can add out-of-the-box network context via custom visualizations from Kentik to application and infrastructure data directly within New Relic One.

“The lack of integrated application and network observability continues to claim a high toll in latency and downtime. Even the companies with well-budgeted IT teams are exposed to user experience impact when they do not have a unified view of their environments,” said Avi Freedman, co-founder and CEO of Kentik. “Through our expanded partnership with New Relic, we’re helping network and development teams quickly identify and troubleshoot application performance issues correlated with network traffic, performance and health data, and ultimately make services more reliable.”

With the new integrations, customers will have access to modern cloud telemetry like VPC Flow Logs from Amazon, Microsoft, Google and IBM; internet and WAN measurements via synthetic network transactions; and traditional network element telemetry like SNMP, NetFlow, sFlow and IPFIX.