Helix CRM + UC Debuts in Beta

Metric Loop has announced beta signups for Helix.

Unlike traditional CRMs which are rigidly centered around the sales pipeline, Helix can be completely customized by users to fit their workflow.

“We set out to create a platform that can integrate with any business model,” said Helix founder and CEO Jordan Koncak. “Our goal is to provide an organization the technological edge and agility that it needs to compete in today’s environment. As the CTO for International Studies Abroad, I realized how the proper implementation of technology can provide an advantage when properly matched to a company’s process. Since no one knows a business better than those running it, I set out to create a platform that could conform to a company’s business processes instead of the other way around. Helix is the result.”

In addition to being user-defined, the software includes specific management tools for employees, contractors and vendors. And since efficient communication is crucial to managing all relationships, each seat of Helix includes a unified communications solution.

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