Infoblox Partners with TD SYNNEX’s Cyber Range to Enable Education

Infoblox Inc., a leader in foundational networking and security services, announced a partnership with TD SYNNEX, a leading technology distributor, to make its cloud-first DDI solutions and BloxOne Threat Defense available in the distributor’s Cyber Range, a cybersecurity training facility. Whether on-site at the Tempe, Ariz., location or online, partners can bring customers to receive training on Infoblox’s foundational networking and security services for building the modern enterprise.

“The pandemic-fueled move to cloud-first networks created a bigger attack surface for organizations to defend,” said Scott Willock, senior director of Global Distribution at Infoblox. “This has changed the game for networking and security pros across all industries. Not only do they need to learn the tools for building out a distributed corporate network, they also need to evaluate technologies that extend security into the cloud. The addition of our DDI and DNS security products into the Cyber Range creates a live environment for partners and customers to observe and demo our products in person or remotely.

Partners may schedule these customer visits through TD SYNNEX or their Infoblox Channel Account Manager. Through the Cyber Range, customers can watch demos and run tests that show why our networking products, NIOS and BloxOne DDI, own more than 50 percent of the DDI market share. With 1.2 million DNS queries flowing through the Cyber Range’s network last month, customers also can also correlate IP traffic down to the device level and see BloxOne Threat Defense, the DNS security product, in action blocking malicious domains and accelerating threat hunts.

“At Infoblox, we pride ourselves on creating easy paths to profitability for our channel partners. By offering our products in the Cyber Range, we’re making it easier for partners to help customers build and secure the cloud-first networks that underpin modern businesses,” Willock added.