Jenne Named a Distributor for Intermedia

Jenne, Inc. has been named as a distributor for Intermedia, a leading UCaaS and business cloud email provider.

Jenne will offer its partners the full line of Intermedia products, including Intermedia Unite, an all-in-one business phone and communications system with integrated web and video conferencing, team chat, SMS, and more – as well as business email, productivity, data security, and backup and file sharing solutions.

Intermedia’s reseller program allows partners to private label under their own name or co-brand alongside Intermedia. Partners sell the service, set their own margins, and handle billing and support, while relying on Intermedia for customizable marketing materials, full concierge sales support, Tier 2 and Tier 3 technical support, taxation management, and more. With Intermedia’s advisor/agent model, partners sell under the Intermedia name and realize healthy, recurring commissions. Partners also have the ability to pick and choose which Intermedia program to sell under on a case-by-case basis.