ChannelVision July-August 2014

The digital edition of ChannelVision July – August 2014 issue is now available for online viewing…

ChannelVision July – August 2014 Reports:

(26) Stability Over Sizzle – By Micah Singer
Survey of interconnected VoIP providers offers glimpse of the technology behind the services.

(32) Remote Controlled – By Tara Seals
Managed services represent new opportunities and familiar challenges for indirect distributors.

(38) Sunset Strategy – By Martin Vilaboy
The PSTN may be facing retirement, but there is still a chance to use legacy POTS to capture sales and convert those customers to advanced services.

(48) Wi-Fi Gets Wider – By Tara Seals
MSPs are being presented with a wide range of service plans and apps within the exploding Wi-Fi opportunity.

(56) Cloud Storage Rises – By Tara Seals
The digital trend means a deluge of data for businesses. It’s got to go somewhere.

(58) A Story to Tell – By Bruce Christian
Video marketing makes a difference for channel partners and their customers.

ChannelVision Magazine Regulars:

Alternate Views
(6) Have a slice

Direct Feed
(8) Ethernet ups and downs
(10) VDI for partners
(12) New faces at COMPTEL
(14) Patent for presence
(16) Netcarrier nationwide
(18) TBI + 8×8
(20) Hotel PBX

Data Points
(20) Numbers worth noting

To the Cloud
(66) CompTIA 2.0
(70) Cloudamize’s centrifuge

(74) Telesphere looks up

In the Trenches
(78) Sales micro-managers

(80) IPv6 update
(82) SMBs get IoT

(81) Advertiser Index

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