Kinetica Unveils SQL-GPT for Telecom, Transforming Natural Language to SQL for Telco Industry

Kinetica, a Dell and NVIDIA partner focused on telecommunications opportunities with both parties, rolled out Kinetica SQL-GPT for Telecom. This real-time solution leverages generative AI and vectorized processing to support telecom professionals in having an interactive conversation with data that uses natural language to streamline data exploration and analysis, helping make faster, more informed decisions. The Large Language Model (LLM) utilized is native to Kinetica, ensuring robust security measures that address concerns often associated with public LLMs, like OpenAI.

“Kinetica’s SQL-GPT for Telco has undergone rigorous fine-tuning to understand and respond to the unique data sets and industry-specific vernacular used in the telecommunications sector,” said Nima Negahban, Kinetica co-founder and CEO. “This ensures that telco professionals can easily extract insights from their data without the need for extensive SQL expertise, reducing operational bottlenecks and accelerating decision-making.”

Kinetica’s origins as a real-time GPU database, purpose-built for spatial and time-series workloads, is well suited for the demands of the telecommunications industry. Telcos rely heavily on spatial and time-series data to optimize network performance, track coverage, and ensure reliability. Kinetica stands out by offering telecommunications companies the unique capability to visualize and interact effortlessly with billions of data points on a map, enabling unparalleled insights and rapid decision-making. SQL-GPT for Telecom makes it easy for anyone to now ask complex and novel questions that previously required assistance from highly specialized development resources.

Utilizing Kinetica for its time-series and spatial capabilities for network optimization, one of the largest telecommunications providers processed 90 billion spatial object records, turning lat/longs provided by Google into atomic routes which could be used for coverage planning and ROI projections for network/retail build out. Previously, attempting to execute Google Route analysis took several weeks and significant technical churning to map two streets in San Francisco. Kinetica was able to map all streets in the entire state of California in under an hour.

“Through the unrivaled computational power of NVIDIA GPUs, we are driving transformative advancements in real-time network analytics for the telecommunications industry,” added CMO, Chad Meley. “This launch marks a new era where telcos will begin transitioning from traditional data analytics platforms that were rigid, batch oriented, and required specialized skills to use, to a new paradigm where any user can ask ad-hoc questions against the freshest possible data using plain English.”