Kore.ai Launches AI-powered Voice Gateway on Genesys AppFoundry

Kore.ai, a world leader in generative and conversational AI platforms and solutions, announced the Kore.ai Voice Gateway for Genesys Cloud CX is available as a premium application on Genesys AppFoundry.

Genesys AppFoundry is a marketplace of solutions offering a curated selection of applications and integrations that elevate customer and employee experiences.

Through the integration, Kore.ai enables Genesys customers to deliver superior customer service experiences within their contact centers. Leveraging generative AI (genAI) powered conversational IVR, the Voice Gateway seamlessly routes conversations to appropriate voice and digital channels, answers customer queries 24/7x/365, and enables personalized self-service, leading to higher customer satisfaction and improved efficiencies for contact centers.

The Kore.ai Experience Optimization (XO) Platform combines conversational AI, contact center AI and Insights AI through a unified platform that helps businesses enhance customer satisfaction, improve operational efficiency, and drive better business outcomes.

The Kore.ai Voice Gateway for Genesys Cloud CX will enable customers to get up and running quickly by installing the minimum required Genesys platform components. They can also configure Kore.ai Contact Center AI experiences and automation to complete their call center solution.

To learn more about the specific features and benefits of the Kore.ai and Genesys Cloud CX integration, visit the Kore.ai listing on the Genesys AppFoundry site.