Krucial Staffing Selects Talkdesk CX Cloud to Advance its Response Operations

Talkdesk Inc., the cloud contact center for innovative enterprises, announced Krucial Staffing selected Talkdesk CX Cloud to support its growing operations. As a supplier of urgent staffing solutions, including health care professionals, Krucial Staffing became a go-to provider of nurses to medical facilities throughout the United States to combat the COVID-19 outbreak.

Inbound calls and requests for health care support to Krucial Staffing’s contact center increased to nearly 1 million per day, which overwhelmed its previous solution. The company moved to Talkdesk for the flexibility and rapid scalability of its cloud contact center solutions.

“The need for reinvention is never greater than in times of crisis,” said Zeus Kerravala, principal analyst, ZK Research. “COVID-19 has driven companies of all sizes to accelerate their adoption of cloud-based solutions. The adoption was underway, but 2020 sped up the timetable for many businesses. The Talkdesk and Krucial Staffing case study is a great example of this and demonstrates the value that partnership between technology providers and agents can bring to the end-user.”

As the COVID-19 pandemic took hold in March 2020, Krucial Staffing needed to expand its operations overnight. Within a 72-hour period, Krucial Staffing quadrupled its contact center operations to send thousands of health care workers to New York City.

Chief Executive Officer of Krucial Staffing, Brian Cleary, contacted business partner RAN Telecom Consulting to help source a new contact center vendor. Krucial Staffing sought a solution to accommodate its immediate need for a reliable, agile solution with the ability to future-proof its contact center as the business grows.

Additionally, Krucial Staffing needed a comprehensive, omnichannel customer engagement suite including advanced and customizable call routing, detailed reporting and analytics, alongside robust quality assurance tools. RAN Telecom Consulting teamed with master agent PlanetOne to recommend a solution for meeting all of Krucial Staffing’s needs.

“For guidance in selecting a solution for Krucial Staffing, RAN Telecom Consulting came to PlanetOne and engaged with our team of contact center experts, who identified and recommended Talkdesk CX Cloud,” said Chris Werpy, chief operating officer, PlanetOne.

Talkdesk scalability was a key differentiator in Krucial Staffing’s decision to move its operations to Talkdesk CX Cloud. The ability to adjust service levels to meet fluctuating demands and traffic spikes will help Krucial Staffing reduce costs and keep pace while improving contact center efficiency.

Talkdesk’s reputation for reliability, and its rapid pace of product innovation, will provide Krucial Staffing with a consistent connection to its customers and ensure the latest industry advancements are always available to its support and sales teams.

In the meantime, Talkdesk’s enterprise-ready, next-generation cloud architecture maximizes flexibility, allows Krucial Staffing to stay agile and self-manage its contact center with clicks, not code.

Powered by Talkdesk iQ, artificial intelligence (AI) increases operational efficiency for Krucial Staffing with intelligent routing, reporting, analytics, context and mobile solutions to improve customer outcomes and maintain visibility across its entire business.