Kunnect Kicks Off Hosted Call Center Channel Partner Program

Hosted call center solution provider Kunnect LLC has formalized its channel partner and wholesale strategy.

Kunnect is launching a two-pronged partner architecture that includes a residual income-based referral plan, as well as a white-label option.

“More than 50% of our new business comes from our referral/reseller network already,” said Fred Cote, president at Kunnect. “We wanted to make our channel partner program ‘official’ and let the partner community at large know that we stand by this model and are actively looking to recruit new partners to what we think is one of the most empowering programs available from any carrier.”

Kunnect’s XVP Cloud Based Call Center solution is hosted in the Amazon cloud, and can be scaled on-demand to meet a range of changeable business requirements as they come up. The Kunnect XVP solution includes an unlimited telecom plan for only $125 per month per license.

The product offers predictive dialing; an automatic call distributor (ACD) for intelligent call queuing; CRM scripting to support call handling with scripts, prompts and external Web page integration. It also includes real-time statistics and historical reporting on agent productivity and campaign dispositions and metrics; call centers globally can access the Kunnect’s Web site to manage inbound and outbound call center campaigns. For customer representatives, the WebAgent software encompasses a SIP phone and CRM package within a browser, thus alleviating the need to install any software on the local computer.

For telecom agents, VARs and other referral partners, Kunnect offers a $10 per license per month residual, which can equal up to five times the typical commission rate for telecom services. So, in the case of a 25-seat call center, Kunnect would pay out $250 per month in residuals, which Cote noted is about 250 percent more than traditional telecom programs. For a 50-seat call center or greater, the Kunnect residual will be five times greater than a traditional telecom residual (more than 500 percent).

Kunnect also offers full support for agent customers, including contracting, implementation and customer trouble ticketing. “A partner can be involved as little or as much as they want to be, but there is absolutely no post-sale support for them to take care of,” explained Cote. “We are really interested in giving channel partners with the ability to create powerful new revenue streams around contact center solutions that can accommodate the range of customer business requirements.”

Kunnect also has a wholesale partnership program for carriers and resellers, which has been paramount in the growth and success of the company over the years. Now part of the formalized channel program, the white-label, cloud-based call center solution enables service providers to bundle call features with their network connectivity solutions for a sticky, holistic solution for these high-volume businesses.

“Over-the-top (OTT) services like Fring, Skype, Viber and WhatsApp are offering free services that directly take revenue away from telecom carriers and the telecom channel,” said Cote. “In contrast, adding our white-label hosted call center solution to the portfolio of product offerings is a way to reduce client attrition, create client loyalty and increase revenues. This is hosted in the cloud, so there’s nothing to invest upfront money in, and they get to market a brand-new product that leverages their telecom core business.”

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