LG Adds Benefits to Pro Channel Partner Program

LG Business Solutions USA has expanded its LG Pro Channel Partner Program that increases benefits, offers access to professional marketing assistance and makes LG’s consumer catalog available for employee perks, significantly enhancing the value of the free membership for U.S. resellers.

According to LG Head of Marketing David Bacher, the expanded program can benefit more partners than ever, regardless of their size or current LG sales volume.

“Resellers are strategically important to the success of every LG Business Solutions sales and marketing program. They are our partners on the ground, the ones most aligned with the needs of customers across all vertical markets,” Bacher said. “We are committed to providing these partners with everything they need to succeed, and the LG Pro Channel Partner Program demonstrates this commitment by offering an unprecedented array of options that help them to expand their businesses.”

A major 2023 program update is the addition of a new mid-level benefits tier called Premier+. Falling between the Premier and Elite levels, Premier+ ensures greater rewards for small and mid-size resellers including accrual of Marketing Development Funds that can be used to develop ad campaigns, company landing pages, social media posts, branded merchandise, promotional videos and more.

Premier+ also provides access to Growth Incentive Rebates that pay out when members hit individualized sales growth milestones.

All LG resellers are eligible to join the free program through a simple online application, and once they’ve submitted proper documentation, they will be given access to the LG Partner Store where they can purchase discounted consumer-grade LG products to use as incentives or perks for their employees.

This extends to the full LG catalog including televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, computers, monitors and more. All levels are given access to LG|U’s interactive online training courses. All members automatically become eligible for Sales Performance Incentive Funds and rebates that are awarded as immediate bonuses to the salesperson for the sale of qualifying products.

Once a Pro Partner reaches the Premier level, it begins accruing LG points that can be used in the LG PRO Points portal to purchase additional perks. LG Points are only available to Premier members and are replaced by different benefits in the higher tiers.

The updated Premier+, Elite and Prestige levels replace LG Points with growth-focused Marketing Development Funds, LG PROActive digital campaigns using LG’s marketing concierge services for partners, and Growth Incentive Rebates. As a bonus, partners at the Elite and Prestige levels will receive additional Growth Incentive Rebates as part of the 2023 program.

“The LG Pro Program has provided hundreds of resellers with access to valuable resources, discounts, rebates, training opportunities and even special pricing allowances that can all boost profits and strengthen business resiliency,” said Anthony Jimenez, LG Channel Marketing Manager. “By adding a new tier of benefits and introducing new perks, the 2023 program enables even greater growth and savings for all our resellers. Becoming an LG Pro Partner can boost resellers’ profit margins, increase access to marketing tools and assistance, and encourage salespeople through rewards and recognition.”

Later in 2023, LG will release a new online portal for LG Pro partners that simplifies navigation and access to benefits. Partners’ sales tiers are requalified every 12 months based on the previous 12 months of revenue.

For more information about the new partner benefits, upcoming portal improvements and total value of the LG Pro Channel Partner Program, click here. For high-res images, click here.