Lightpath Bolsters Presence at NJFX

NJFX, a cable landing station colocation campus in the United States offering Tier 3, carrier-neutral data center capabilities, announced a bolstered presence for Lightpath Fiber Networks at its New Jersey facility.

The bolstered presence at NJFX’s 64,800 square foot purpose-built facility includes dual points-of-entry, dual electronics and enhanced backhaul options. In addition, Lightpath can use cable provider head end infrastructure to deliver diversity to NJFX customers, upon request, by avoiding carrier hotels in reaching enterprise data centers in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut metro area.

As a longtime NJFX partner, Lightpath has reinvented itself – from a next-generation network and services, to enhanced customer service and support and everything in between. Lightpath also is investing in terrestrial support of subsea networks and cable landing stations through its solution, ‘Landing Station Connect‘. As subsea and corresponding terrestrial transport grow to higher levels of mission criticality, choosing the right terrestrial connectivity provider becomes crucial. Lightpath landing station solutions offer customers unsurpassed connectivity options, reliability, resiliency, and security.

Landing Station Connect is the latest step in Lightpath’s mission to innovate across the entire company, from network and technologies to customer service. Lightpath’s emphasis on personalized customer service means every point in a customer’s journey with Lightpath is being examined and improved to create the best experience in the industry.

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NJFX continues to drive innovation and help its carriers and subsea provider clients build their networks with maximum diversity at the terrestrial and subsea level, avoiding traditional bottlenecks and highly congested areas. For more information, visit