Lightpath Completes Network Build into Princeton, N.J.

Lightpath, an all-fiber, infrastructure-based connectivity provider, has completed a new, 54-mile build of its all-fiber network in Princeton, N.J. that marks its entrance into the market.

The network expansion is operational and available to the more than 400 target customers in the area. Princeton customers have access to the entire Lightpath network of more than 20,000 route miles of fiber connecting more than 13,500 service locations, including 75-plus data centers. The Princeton-area is rich with a vibrant startup culture fueled by an Ivy League research university, along with other large enterprises, educational institutions, pharmaceutical, companies and government groups.

“The entrance into the Princeton market brings our network to one of the densest regions of New Jersey, while also connecting this new market to the rest of the Lightpath network,” said Doug Dalissandro, Chief Revenue Officer for Lightpath. “Princeton is a great new market for us, and we will continue to aggressively expand and build to areas where we see demand.”

Princeton area customers gain access to the entire Lightpath network, including access to all major cloud providers, data centers, and seven northeast cable landings stations. Customers also have access to entire Lightpath product portfolio of all-fiber solutions, including Optical Transport (up to 800 Gbps), Ethernet (to 10 Gbps), Internet Access (to 100 Gbps), Private Networks, Dark Fiber, SD-WAN, Voice, Security Solutions, and other Managed Services.

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