Lightpath Wires Up N.J. Schools

Lightpath has now connected more than 65 New Jersey schools to its 100-percent fiber network through its participation in a purchasing cooperative created via the New Jersey Department of Education’s Digital Readiness for Learning and Assessment Project (DRLAP).

Lightpath is one of seven service providers selected by the cooperative to sell broadband services to K-12 schools in New Jersey, and has connected more than 40 percent of the schools participating in the program, according to the New Jersey Department of Education. This month, the cooperative named Lightpath the preferred provider for the purchase of hosted phone service aas well.

The purchasing cooperative, which is administered by the Middlesex Regional Educational Services Commission (MRESC) has been active for about one year.

“From the very start of this program, Lightpath has been an ideal partner, offering high-performing broadband offerings, excellent customer service and great value,” said Patrick Moran, business administrator and board secretary for the MRESC. “Lightpath knows what K-12 schools need to be successful and have delivered at every turn. We consider them an integral component of this important initiative and look forward to our continued collaborative work that results in better opportunities for New Jersey K-12 students.”


“As a company that is strongly rooted in this region, Lightpath has a vested interest in helping to ensure nothing short of overwhelming success for New Jersey’s DRLAP initiative,” added Dave Pistacchio, president of Lightpath. “When all schools have the same access to the best connectivity available at affordable prices, educational opportunities are taken to new heights. We commit our continued support to the MRESC and New Jersey Department of Education as proud leaders of what has become a defining movement for our community’s schools.”