Lion Smart Phone Tackles 3D at Mobile World Congress Americas

TPT Global Tech’s wholly owned subsidiary Lion Universe will present its Lion Smart Phone (which features HD and 3D capability without glasses), September 12 -14 at the GSMA Mobile World Congress Americas in San Francisco.

Lion Universe Technologies is a Los Angeles Base Mobile Technology think tank, and Lion Universe mobile 3D technology is patent-pending. The Lion Phone was designed for consumers looking for portable and affordable cutting-edge technology; the first-generation phones come equipped with full HD resolution screen for watching movies, playing games, and editing photos or videos. And, cellular users can access 3D viewing, no glasses required.

“It is very exciting to have the team attend the GSMA Mobile World Congress trade show for two consecutive years. The team’s 3D upgrades this past year to the Lion Phone should prove to be very impressive this year at the trade show in San Francisco,” said Stephen Thomas, CEO of TPT Global.