Masergy Debuts SD-WAN Go

Masergy has unveiled SD-WAN Go, a dynamic network service that can be rapidly deployed at locations around the globe.

SD-WAN Go complements Masergy’s existing SD-WAN Pro solution, and lets companies use existing or new connections (private, dedicated, broadband or 4G) to securely tunnel and route data across the public Internet and over Masergy’s Software-Defined Platform. Both services offer seamless integration with Masergy’s Hybrid Networking solutions.

“Adopting SD-WAN Go is like moving from a paper map to Google Maps. We give users real-time visibility into their WANs,” said Masergy CEO Chris MacFarland. “SD-WAN Go lets businesses rapidly and securely add locations and introduce network intelligence to meet their application performance needs.”

Features include:

  • Zero-touch provisioning
  • WAN Optimization
  • Centralized policy and configuration management
  • Access agnostic
  • Secure local Internet offload
  • PoP-to-cloud SLAs