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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

MASS Communications Rolls Out MPLS for Equity Firm

MASS Communications has announced the successful rollout of a new voice and data network for Sidoti & Company, a New York-based equity research firm that evaluates small and microcap stocks.

The network rebuild, covering Sidoti’s New York City headquarters and four satellite offices, was done in phases, with the majority of the work completed in four months.

The solution includes MASS Communications’ high-performance MPLS voice and internet data network, connecting Sidoti’s Manhattan, Westchester, Long Island, New Jersey and Texas offices. Each location has both Internet and voice connectivity from multiple network providers including cable for backup, but all managed by MASS Communications.

“Our solution brings Sidoti a much greater level of redundancy and resiliency to their network,” said Darren Mass, CEO at the company. “The company still has the best solution from multiple underlying network providers, but without the headache of managing multiple carrier relationships.”

The engineered solution and ongoing monitoring are welcome changes from Sidoti’s previous network environment, with disparate telecommunications infrastructure from different vendors built up over many years.

“When I joined Sidoti, we had legacy systems – some of our circuits weren’t even working,” said David Asano, chief information technology officer at Sidoti. “I’m now sitting on a single-vendor solution. MASS did a phenomenal job – they designed our network circuits so that we have much more flexibility.”

That flexibility was tested when Sidoti had to unexpectedly relocate its headquarters after the building it occupied was scheduled for demolition.

“We moved everyone in three phases, first the IT group, then half of sales and research, and finally the rest of the company,” Asano added. “We could do this because we had adequate network design – all we had to do was build another node onto MPLS.”

More recently, Sidoti used MASS’ network design to redirect call traffic for outbound calls in its Westchester location after a service issue occurred with the long distance carrier.

“MASS understands us as a business,” he said. “Phone lines are our lifeblood – we need voice service to take orders, get trades and bill clients.  Our sales goal is to make about 1,000 calls a day. It’s an essential core asset – we can’t afford to go down.”

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