MegaPath Launches Proactive Monitoring Service

MegaPath has announced the launch of its newest proactive monitoring service.

MegaPath Proactive Monitoring service constantly checks the status of a MegaPath-provided circuit with a static public IP address—24/7/365. If the service confirms a down-event, it automatically contacts the customer via email and creates a trouble ticket for MegaPath technical support to immediately begin troubleshooting the issue.

The service also provides network administrators with a self-service portal, allowing them to turn notifications on or off, set pre-determined schedules for monitoring and change notifications preferences – minimizing downtime and disruptions to business productivity.

“Even the most resilient business Internet connections are vulnerable to a fiber cut, power outage or equipment failure. With so much riding on their Internet connectivity, business owners and IT managers need to know immediately when one of their locations may be experiencing a service disruption,” said Arnaud Gautier, CMO, MegaPath. “With the increased visibility and control our proactive monitoring service provides, and by including it at no cost with our T1, Ethernet and fiber-access services, we are empowering companies to more quickly identify and resolve disruptions.”

As a kickoff promotion, the service is included at no additional charge with the purchase of MegaPath’s T1, bonded T1, business Ethernet and fiber-access services.

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