MiTel Updates its Portfolio

Mitel has updated the MiContact Center and MiCloud.

The former has added the ability to conduct social media communications in real-time, along with CRM integration, so agents can gain a full view of the customer’s profile. Meanwhile, MiCloud, its cloud communications solution portfolio, now natively intersects with more than 20 cloud-based CRM platforms and productivity applications. It can also integrate into cloud-based application environments used by HR, recruiting, dealer and franchise management, and more, providing native access to real-time communications capabilities from the applications.

In addition, Mitel has partnered with Unisys to introduce the MiStealth security technology, which provides identity-based controls over who can access enterprise networks from the enterprise or cloud.

And, the company announced that the Mitel Performance Analytics to provide campus environments with real-time communications monitoring, analytics, and mass-notifications. It offers 24/7 monitoring to proactively solve performance issues, and should conventional communications fail, it uses Mitel Mass Notification services to send out notices and alerts.