Netacea Announces Partnership with AVANT

Netacea, a bot detection and mitigation specialist, today announces a partnership agreement with AVANT, a platform for IT decision-making and investment. Netacea’s bot management solution will bolster AVANT’s security offerings and provide its network of advisors with a more comprehensive approach to combating growing and evolving security threats. As an AVANT supplier, Netacea will join the company’s Security Council and offer the “Trusted Advisors” with advice and counsel on the growing threat bots pose to businesses worldwide.

According to Netacea’s report, “The Bot Management Review 2022,” there is growing awareness and investment in bot mitigation, but there still are many misconceptions around the origin, intent and complexity of bot attacks.

For example, more than 50 percent of respondents believe bot attacks only originate in Russia and China. More importantly, a key survey finding reveals that businesses are taking longer to react to bot attacks. In 2022, the average time to react to an attack is approximately 16 weeks as compared with between 12 and 14 weeks in Netacea’s 2021 report, “The Bot Management Review: What are bots costing your business?”

“Netacea is an ideal supplier for AVANT,” said Shane McNamara, EVP of Operations & Engineering at AVANT. “As the cybersecurity landscape continually evolves, we are committed to addressing the threats global enterprises face and provide Trusted Advisors with the very best and most comprehensive forward-looking security tools. This is why joining forces with Netacea, which has the technology and know-how to fight 21st-century threats, makes perfect sense.

“With Netacea, Trusted Advisors can protect their websites, mobile apps and APIs from automated threats using its bot management Intent Analytics engine, decreasing the potential of falling victim to bad actors and their illegal schemes,” he added.

Kirk Horton, vice president of channels and partners, who leads Netacea’s NetElite Partner Program, which launched in North America in January, said partners like AVANT are an important part of the company’s global growth strategy.

“In my more than 20 years of experience in building IT channel programs, one important component to a successful partnership has always been the alignment on goals and a shared vision – which is exactly why we’re certain AVANT is a great fit for Netacea,” Horton said. “We’re excited to work with AVANT to deliver Trusted Advisors with industry-leading bot management technology and provide a comprehensive, 360-degree view of the threats global businesses face daily. We’re confident that through this new partnership, Trusted Advisors will be able to develop and offer a more effective approach to fighting the growing security threats posed by bots.”

Netacea’s agentless approach to bot management combines web log analysis with real-time and historic trends to analyze user behavior and determine intent. The technology is equipped to detect sophisticated threats, combining signal collection with analysis and dashboards that address security and business context in the enterprise environment.

To learn how Netacea’s NetElite Partner program and how its technology distinguishes bots from humans and protects websites, mobile apps and APIs, visit the Netacea website.