Netenrich Introduces Threat and Attack Surface Intelligence Solution

Netenrich has announced an integrated threat and attack surface intelligence offering to help enterprises reduce their digital brand exposure while overcoming skills gaps.

Two new products, Knowledge Now (KNOW), a free global threat intelligence tool, and Attack Surface Intelligence (ASI) combine to deliver rich, actionable context for faster, more proactive response to known and emerging cyber threats.

KNOW and ASI address growing risk and alert fatigue that IT and SecOps professionals face on a daily basis. ASI lets security teams continuously see what adversaries see as they target the brand online and via their shadow IT. KNOW provides free global threat information that lets defenders learn about, search, and gain rich context into malicious activity faster.

By saving time prioritizing digital risk and threats, KNOW and ASI provide the ongoing intelligence overburdened IT and security analysts need to evaluate, prioritize, and respond to the most critical threats first.

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The free global news engine, KNOW, curates insight from trusted sources and provides context vetted by Netenrich experts, ultimately reducing time analysts spend manually researching the latest cyber threats. It also goes deeper than competing solutions by delivering detailed context of specific threats and threat indicators.

KNOW is integrated into Netenrich’s ASI solution for correlation and prioritization of attack surface risks. ASI focuses on an organization’s dynamic attack surface through AI-driven monitoring and discovery. Automated scans help analysts find, evaluate, prioritize and mitigate risk from port, protocol, and service exposure like domain exposure, compromised e-mail addresses, IP addresses, open ports, certificates, misconfigurations, vulnerabilities with active exploit intel from KNOW, digital exposure from code repositories, public cloud, and shadow IT.