New SpecterOps Partner Program to Bring Attack Path Management to the Channel

SpecterOps, a provider of adversary-focused cybersecurity solutions, launched its new channel partner program. The company’s full portfolio of security products and services will be available to channel partners, including BloodHound Enterprise (BHE), an attack path management (APM) platform for controlling the risk of attack paths in Active Directory and Azure AD/Entra ID. SpecterOps’ security assessments, red team program development services and Adversary Tactics training courses will also be available via the channel.

The program will include a partner portal, protected deal registration discounts, market development funds, not-for-resale licenses, support for aligning on previous direct opportunities and the ability for partners to add remediation professional services. Current partners include Quest, LiquidPC, Solutions Simplified, Compunet and Trace3.

“We see the benefits and value in our early stage partnership with SpecterOps,” said Courtney Colla, LiquidPC director of sales. “With BloodHound Enterprise, they’re offering an innovative, practical solution to a problem that end users and customers are struggling with. Their security expertise and recognition in the industry is well known and makes BHE a valued software upgrade or option to supplement training/services.”

BloodHound Enterprise offers an attack path management security solution for defending Microsoft Active Directory and Azure AD/Entra ID. Managing the risk posed by identity attack paths in Active Directory and Azure AD/Entra ID is a vital but frequently overlooked area of security.

To join SpecterOps’ partner program, click here.