NTT, Cisco Launch IoT as a Service for Enterprise Customers

NTT Ltd., a leading IT infrastructure and services company, and Cisco, a leader in technology, announce a collaboration to develop and deploy joint solutions that pragmatically support large organizations’ sustainability goals.

Leveraging NTT’s edge as a service portfolio and Cisco’s IoT capabilities, solutions developed by the two companies will offer real-time data insights, enhanced security, improved decision-making and reduced operational costs through predictive maintenance, asset tracking and supply chain management capabilities.

The companies will deliver solutions that combine NTT’s managed services expertise, real-time analytics, automation capabilities at the edge, and the management of complex IT environments, with Cisco’s IoT capabilities, including low-power wide area networking (LoRaWAN).

As part of today’s news, NTT has bolstered its IoT consulting and services business that brings together more than 1,000 practitioners and 100 use cases in areas such as connected cars, fleet management, predictive maintenance, smart cities, digital twins, connected factories, utilities and more.

NTT has trained more than 500 Cisco sales experts to accelerate its combined capabilities and go-to-market efforts.

“We are accelerating our IoT business initiatives to deliver a powerful portfolio of repeatable services that can be tailored to meet customer demand for these kinds of solutions. We’re in a unique position,” said Devin Yaung, SVP of Group Enterprise IoT Products and Services at NTT.

NTT and Cisco are developing solutions and go-to-market offers focusing on industries such as manufacturing, transportation, and health care, where there is a demand for edge computing and IoT solutions. The two companies already are deploying this advanced ‘ruggedized’ service to customers including Compagnie Intercommunale Liégeoise des Eaux (CILE), a public water distribution company located in Belgium.

NTT and Cisco have deployed thousands of LoRaWAN sensors across CILE’s infrastructure to provide remote visibility that improves operational efficiencies related to water quality, consumption, distribution and maintenance.

The solution also includes advanced technologies such as smart distribution networks, remote reading through smart meters, the smart grid for remote management, connected IoT objects, and AI, delivered as a managed service.

The network also provides the building blocks to support other sustainability use cases such as waste management, parking management, water quality and street light controls.

In a move to prioritize and scale IOT for clients and partners, NTT has activated an IOT-dedicated business unit bringing together deep expertise and capabilities from around the globe.

“We’re doubling down on NTT’s IoT capabilities to meet customer demand,” Yaung explained. “What we’re doing is pulling together our collective knowledge and skillsets, and putting the full power of NTT behind it, to better service our customers and the increasing need to outfit or retrofit their organizations with the connectivity and visibility they need to improve day-to-day business operations.”