ThreatModeler’s ThreatNet Partner Program Advances Revenue Streams

ThreatModeler, a leader in threat modeling and securing cloud infrastructure from design to deployment, launches today its ThreatNet Partner Program, which is designed to help partners capitalize on the growing demand for the DevSecOps solutions their customers need to address evolving threats and mitigate risk effectively.

The program reinforces ThreatModeler’s focus on building strong relationships with committed partners that are aligned with the company’s secure-by-design approach to security.

The ThreatNet Partner Program promotes opportunities through resellers, distributors and OEM offerings, as well as through technology partners who can innovate, build and certify their own solutions that integrate with ThreatModeler’s API-based solutions.

Technology partners are eligible to receive the TMI Badge, which showcases their partnership with ThreatModeler.

Solutions offered by the program include ThreatModeler, CloudModeler and IaC Assist, all of which enable users to meet their security requirements holistically and efficiently.

“We’ve seen great success with partners integrating our solutions into their portfolio, and this program only augments the benefits we bring to the ecosystem,” said Erika Trenkle, director of strategic alliances for ThreatModeler. “Our partner program rewards partners for their capabilities, growth and commitment, while also providing a competitive advantage with deal registration and predictable recurring revenue that results in sustainable customer satisfaction.”

The program offers partners access to a range of benefits, including competitive deal registration, sales support, training and certification, industry insights and marketing support.

ThreatModeler also launched a partner portal that provides comprehensive product information, a content library of marketing collateral and sales tools to facilitate deal registrations.

“In this ever-evolving threat landscape, we are committed to providing opportunities for partners to build services around the ThreatModeler platform that fill gaps in their customers’ development lifecycle and risk management initiatives,” said Archie Agarwal, founder and CEO, ThreatModeler. “We look forward to growing a strong community of partners through resource-sharing and continued co-innovation.”

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