NXTSYS Lands AppSmart Funding

NXTSYS, a master agent that pioneered a unique telecom co-selling model for MSPs, announced it is participating in the AppSmart Invest program. NXTSYS plans to use the capital to accelerate growth.

AppSmart is the leading source to find, buy, and manage all business technology services, and selected NXTSYS for the partnership to drive mutual innovation and digital transformation.

“NXTSYS is honored and thrilled to announce this partnership with AppSmart,” said Dave Wallace, CEO of NXTSYS. “With this capital, NXTSYS plans to strategize for a long-term growth trajectory that will enable us to support our MSPs in never-before-seen ways. With AppSmart’s help, NXTSYS will drive new opportunities for its agents and MSPs – helping them grow their customer bases through our unique co-selling model, educational resources, and expertise.”

The capital infusion allows NXTSYS to provide its long-time investor an exit, and – most importantly – Wallace and VP of Sales Jared Adamcik emerge from the AppSmart investment with 100 percent equity ownership of NXTSYS. Wallace and Adamcik’s long-term vision for serving NXTSYS MSPs will be able to flourish under their full equity control – paired with additional products and resources from AppSmart.

“AppSmart’s decision to inject capital into NXTSYS is a testament to NXTSYS’ historical success, forward-thinking strategy, and commitment to their MSPs and agents,” said Tim Basa, Vice President of Sales, AppSmart. “The NXTSYS team has a clear dedication to helping their MSPs grow, and we know this partnership will fuel mutual growth in all sides.”

The additional capital and resources yielded by the AppSmart strategic partnership bring NXTSYS MSPs a powerful SaaS and energy platform, ease of ordering and managing new products from the AppSmart marketplace, and the consolidation of the strongest provider agreements in the industry for long-term MSP residual revenue and customer protection.