Observe.AI Expands into Omnichannel CX Market with ScopeAI Acquisition

 Observe.AI, a leader in Contact Center AI, announced its entry into omnichannel conversation intelligence following its acquisition of ScopeAI, a company that automatically extracts actionable insights from customer conversations across chat, email and social media.

This announcement comes at the heels of Observe.AI’s monumental year of 300 percent revenue growth and a $50 million Series B funding round led by Menlo Ventures, bringing the company’s total amount of funding to $89 million.

The acquisition includes ScopeAI’s proprietary technology and integrations, as well as key product and engineering staff. ScopeAI CEO Natalie Abeysena will lead Observe.AI’s Omnichannel product line development. With the acquisition, Observe.AI’s Omnichannel product offerings have expanded to a full suite of voice and text-based conversation intelligence offerings that include purpose-built workflows for Quality Assurance and Agent Performance & Coaching, helping teams increase revenue generation, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Text-based channels are gaining popularity as support channels among organizations because they are instant, accessible, and convenient. In parallel, contact centers have embraced digital customer experience channels because of their ability to efficiently absorb large volumes of simple support requests. Forrester Research says self-service CX channels like web chat can “speed up answer time, cut costs, and create better routing to agents.”

Observe.AI will formalize its Omnichannel offering in Fall 2021, starting with web chat support channels. In the future, the company will expand its Omnichannel offering to include other channels, such as email support.

To learn more about Observe.AI’s Omnichannel solution, visit: https://www.observe.ai/omnichannel